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Tattered Hearts Ranch

Welcome to my virtual ranch of tattered hearts mended into beautiful stories.
So many lives bump into ours every day, on the fringes where we often ignore them. 
What if they were sent to take us on a journey…
                                                   To give us a vision, to heal, to bring hope.

         Join us as we repurpose our days into a barefoot blue jean paradise.
The door is always open at
Tattered Hearts Ranch,
Come on in and sit a spell!

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Come on in, pull up a chair and pour some hot spiced cider as we share stories.  Everything is based on factual events that have lead us on a journey of hope, healing and vision for a repurposed life.   Within these pages you will find projects to repurpose jeans, sweatshirts and so much more that often ends up in the trash.  You will also find stories of lives, tattered and torn from human trauma and abuse, repurposed into beautiful stories.  Here you will find the true life basis for many of my published works and the art that life inspires! 

I look forward to hearing more about you.