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  1. Managing Director
    Water Grass in Irish Lough
  2. Managing Director
    Rocky with Ball
    A young Rocky after his ball workout to strengthen his neck
  3. Managing Director
    Rocky's tired
    Just finished movement on a lounge line
  4. Managing Director
    Through Rocky's eyes
    Spirit horse
  5. Managing Director
    Wide open Spaces
    Kai sitting on a log wanting to explore
  6. Managing Director
    Irish Snail
    little snail on a trail to the beach
  7. Managing Director
    Irish pair
    some Irish horses at an historical site
  8. Managing Director
    Can you find the dear
    I was taking pictures of some wild turkey but when I went to print I found a deer watching us
  9. Managing Director
    Historic Fenders
    took this after the 2013 historic flood in Colorado. We had to travel a 9 mile dirt road that went over 2000 feet in elevation. A small mountain town was half way down and I spent a day exploring.
  10. Managing Director
    Winter Duck
    Duck playing on the ice
  11. Managing Director
    Rocky loves his jeans
    Checking out a repurposed jean blanket
  12. Managing Director
    Book Cover
  13. Managing Director
    Rocky Mountain Wagon
  14. Managing Director
    Castle Grounds
    Irish castle with cows
  15. Managing Director
    Irish Lake over ocean
    Amazing view of a mountain lake over looking the Irish coast - ocean!
  16. Managing Director
    Spring Butterfly
    Everything in the Mountains make a bigger than life impression
  17. Managing Director
    Old Man Mountain
    Native American Vision Quest Site
  18. Managing Director
    Frolicking hummingbirds in the Rocky mountains!
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